You’re Fired! Not so fast! Know the Risks Associated with Terminating an Employee for Poor Performance

It’s a common scenario: you hire an employee for a position and after their training period they continuously make mistakes and do not meet your performance expectations. The poor performance could be for a number of reasons: they need further training, they have personal distractions keeping them from performing up to par, or maybe they’re just not the right person for the position at your company.  So you decide to terminate their employment and find a new employee to take over their job responsibilities.  Without proper documentation to support your termination, you could be facing a number of potential liabilities.

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How to Turn a Poor Performer Around

An employer who is troubled because an employee’s “not doing her job up to par” asks this question:

Q. This employee is dragging her feet, just not doing her job up to par. Other employees are having to pick up some of the load and they’re unhappy about it.  She’s been with us 15 years and until about a year ago she was doing good work.  But in the last year she’s really been slacking off.  I’ve talked to her about this but it hasn’t done any good.  What can I do to get her to do her job like she used to?

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