Banning Wage Talk is Dangerous

Question: Recently some of my employees were given a pay raise.  It was not an across-the-board increase. One of my employees, who tends to be a troublemaker anyway, started discyes-238372_1280ussing his wage increase with other staff members and causing them to be dissatisfied with their raises. We have a policy prohibiting employees from discussing their pay with each other. Can we fire this troublemaker for violating our policy?

Answer: Sorry, but a “go-ahead” to terminate this employee could get your business into serious trouble.

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Performance Reviews: How They Go Wrong

cancel-297373_1280One view on how to do good performance reviews:  The foundation of your performance evaluation system is the job description you wrote for each of your employees. A supervisor need only compare an employee’s performance against standards you identified in a job description to discover whether an employee does a job competently.

Your evaluation process is as simple as that.  Or is it?  Your job descriptions might be the best ones around.  But they don’t guarantee good performance evaluations.

Why? More often than not, it’s the supervisors who gum up the process by inadequately comparing an employee’s performance against well-defined job standards.

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Salary Strategies: Every Dollar Counts

dollar-499481_1280Salaries are a tough expense for most businesses.  You want to hold them down but reining them in too tightly doesn’t always work well.  Good employees can often go elsewhere and replacing them can cost your company a bundle.

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