Disciplining Employees: Give Yourself Options

1335487_37656685Disciplining an employee isn’t limited to the traditional three choices:  verbal warning, written warning, and firing.  When you must deal with a difficult employee, you need to give yourself the flexibility of these six choices:

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Pre-Employment Testing Guidelines

1440528_79415108Employers often try to screen out applicants by using pre-employment tests to evaluate skills, aptitude, personality and honesty as well as medical and drug tests.

Although certain testing is allowed, you should impose numerous restrictions on what is permissible.  Here’s a look at what you can and cannot do.

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Benefits Cost Employers a Bundle

bag-147782_1280The national average paid out by employers for employee benefits is 39 percent of total payroll costs.

This figure comes from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, based on a survey of nearly 400 U.S. companies of various sizes, industries and geographic locations.

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Survey: Companies Continue Shift of Health Costs To Workers

wealth-69525_1280The main way companies are seeking to curb health care costs is by moving workers into high-deductible health plans, according to the survey by the National Business Group on Health.  Nearly a third are offering such plans as the only option to their workers in 2015, the survey found.

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