Stay Interviews: A Valuable Retention Tool

Most managers are familiar with exit interviews – a series of questions asked of employees who are terminating their employment with the company. The purpose of the exit interview is to gather information about the employee’s opinions of their employment with the company – how did the employee feel about training, management, their pay and benefits, what types of obstacles or challenges did the e1438752_91149422mployee face, why is the employee leaving employment with the company, etc. This information can then be considered when deciding whether to make any changes at the company for the remaining and future employees.

While very useful information can be obtained from exit interviews, they are done too late. By the time an employee is completing an exit interview it is too late for the employer to make changes for that employee. Instead of exit interviews (or in addition to) employers may want to consider doing “stay” interviews with their existing employees. Find out how the employee feels about their position, their pay and benefits, their supervisors. Learn about what challenges employees are facing. Ask for suggestions to improve the workplace. Get a better idea of what is working and what employees do enjoy about working there. What keeps the employees coming to work for you every day?  Continue reading

Tips to Retain the Best Employees

tie-690084_1280In many industries, employers are using recruiting and retention strategies to keep valuable employees and to lure other qualified employees.

Following are 20 ways to recruit and keep valuable employees, offered by Joan Stewart, author of “113 Tips for Recruiting Valuable Employees” and “107 Tips for Keeping Valuable Employees”:

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Lighten Up Your Workplace to Improve Employee Satisfaction

motivation-721825_1280Your employees spend at least one-third of their lives — give or take some holidays — in the workplace.  If the surroundings are grim, it’s not good for your bottom line.

So make an effort to help your staff members enjoy the space they work in.  Here are two readily available ingredients to help spice up the environment.

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Keep Top Talent on Board

Blue sign with arrow points the direction to happiness

Offer more and reap the rewards.  In today’s competitive marketplace, you probably want employees who have more than education and experience.  Most likely, you’re also looking for people with creativity, attitude, personality, and goals.

Just make sure you have the type of workplace where ambitious, high-energy staff members can thrive.  Here are seven smart workplace characteristics that can keep top employees satisfied:

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