What is Employee Engagement Anyway?

Many managers have heard of the phrase “employee engagement” — but do you really understand what that means? What is the definition of employee engagement?

-Emotional connection an employee feels

Employee engagement is complex.  There’s not one specific attitude or  behavior which indicates whether an employee is fully engaged, it involves a combination of attitudes and behaviors and it’s different for every individual.  Employee engagement is job satisfaction, loyalty and commitment to the organization, involvement in the job, a feeling of empowerment.

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Managers’ Tips for an Engaged Workforce

business-world-472556_1280All managers know that keeping employees engaged results in an increase in productivity, motivation, and retention, all of which affect the bottom line of the business.  But unfortunately managing people can be very difficult.  Employees are human, after all, and each have a unique set of personality traits and needs.  So how can you increase the level of engagement and also the morale of your employees?  Below are some helpful tips for managers to follow.

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Small Steps to Improve Employee Success and Employee Satisfaction

woman-446670_1280A large part of employee success is a direct reflection of the culture, style, and attitude displayed within the management sector of a business.  So matching management styles with employee goals will promote success and employee satisfaction.  This will help unlock and attain employees’ aspirations.

The best way to achieve alignment and success is to continually strive to build trusting relationships between employers and employees.  Developing trust will enable employees to feel empowered in their jobs, take responsibility and invest effort into their success.

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Employee Recognition and Perks That Won’t Bust Your Budget

thumb-422147_1280Looking for low or no-cost ways to bring a little fun into the workplace and tell your employees that you value them?  Here are 10 ideas that might increase job satisfaction at your company.

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Lighten Up Your Workplace to Improve Employee Satisfaction

motivation-721825_1280Your employees spend at least one-third of their lives — give or take some holidays — in the workplace.  If the surroundings are grim, it’s not good for your bottom line.

So make an effort to help your staff members enjoy the space they work in.  Here are two readily available ingredients to help spice up the environment.

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Employee of the Month: Good Idea?

cup-620897_1280An employer asks, “I want to set up an ‘Employee of the Month’ program, but I don’t know where to start.  How do I go about doing this?”

Start with the things you need to consider and, with your answers, decide on what you will do.  Here are questions to consider:

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High Employee Turnover Brings High Costs

Conceptual 3d abstract illustration.

Employee turnover costs your company money in a big way.  Start with recruiting and training expenses.  Add in the cost of getting a reputation for high turnover.  The public looks skeptically at your business.  Competent, qualified people – the kind you want in your workplace – might not even bother to apply.

The employee turnover equation equals always struggling for survival.  Here are five ways you can cut turnover and keep productive workers on the payroll:

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Seven Strategies to Have Better Results with Employees

1078183_13647396Successful managers and supervisors know how and when to be assertive.  They communicate their needs in a way that earns them respect and gets results.

Let’s say you need a budgeting project done by Friday.  Here are seven strategies to help improve your assertiveness skills so you can get more done:

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Motivate Employees with Ease

girls-407685_1280How’s the morale among your employees?  Are you getting their best work?  Would you like to boost their efforts and their morale?

Fact: What motivates people who work for you most is recognition.

Believe it or not! Studies show employees find recognition for a job well done more motivating than money.  Knowing that what you do is important and appreciated is the best reward.

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Employee Appreciation Goes a Long Way

hand-226358_1280What’s the number one reason that employees stay with an organization?  Usually, it’s simply because they enjoy working with their supervisors, according to numerous studies.

Building good relationships between staff members and their bosses can pay off handsomely for your company.  In fact, some experts estimate that the cost of replacing an employee ranges from 29 to 46 percent of the person’s salary.

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