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The Enlightened Employer is brought to you by the HR professionals at BEST Employment Solutions Team.

BEST Employment Solutions Team helps employers that want to focus on growing their business and are frustrated with distractions created by ever increasing employee regulations and administrative burdens.

BEST is a human resource outsourcing firm working with clients of all sizes, from one employee to thousands.

Stop wasting your time and your staff’s time dealing with various organizations such as payroll providers, insurance agents, benefit providers, workers’ compensation providers, payroll taxing authorities (federal, state and local), Friend of the Court, garnishment attorneys, the Department of Labor, state unemployment agencies, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, ERISA and labor law attorneys, etc.

BEST not only can administer your payroll, payroll tax, human resources, benefits, unemployment and workers’ compensation, it also backs it up by taking on the liability of doing so.

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