Ohio: How the New Gun Law Affects Employers

In Ohio, there is a new gun law going into effect on March 21, 2017 that will give additional rights to concealed carry permit holders and active duty military members.  Under the new law, concealed carry permit holders will be allowed to carry their guns in additional places, including bringing a licensed firearm into a public parking lot.  Active duty military members will be allowed to carry weapons under certain conditions without a concealed carry license. 

Ohio employers should review their current policies regarding weapons and make appropriate changes to remain in compliance with the new law.  Many employers have policies in place which prohibit employees from bringing weapons on company property, including company parking lots.  This type of policy would need to be changed to allow employees to possess a licensed firearm in a company parking lot so long as the weapon remains in the employee’s private vehicle under the following conditions, which are outlined in the new law:

  • When the employee/license holder is not in the vehicle, the firearm and any ammunition must be locked in a glove box, trunk, or other closed compartment within the vehicle;
  • The firearm must remain in the vehicle, even when the license holder is present; and
  • The vehicle must be parked in a permitted location.

An employer can continue to have a policy that prohibits all firearms and ammunition (including licensed firearms) in company buildings and company vehicles.  This can be applied for all employees, customers and any other individuals who are in company buildings and/or company properties.