Employee Moving Out of State and Filed for Unemployment

question-63916_1280One of my employees is leaving because her husband is being transferred to another state.  Now I discover she has already filed for unemployment.  In fact, I have already received the notice from the Unemployment Agency.  What’s the best way to handle this situation?

Have the employee sign a letter of resignation saying that she will be leaving because of her husband’s job transfer and put the letter in her personnel file.  That will be sufficient evidence to show that you didn’t terminate her employment and that she left voluntarily.

Also, update her personnel file with the date she first informed you she was leaving and the date you received the notice from the Unemployment Agency.

If there were any witnesses when she told you her reason for leaving, have them sign written statements of what they heard and add those to the file.

As you would with any departing employee, conduct an exit interview to gather valuable information that can help improve your workplace and uncover any hidden reasons people may have for leaving.  Have a witness present who can sign a written summary of the interview and put this in the employee’s personnel file.

Among the questions to ask:

  1. What did you like about your work with us?
  2. What didn’t you like about your work with us?
  3. What changes would you recommend we make to make our company a more attractive employer?
  4. What is your reason for leaving?

Better Yet: Write up an exit interview form with similar questions and have the employee fill in the answers and sign the form.  Put the form in her personnel file.

Finally, if you have received a notice that she filed a claim for unemployment benefits, respond by stating she voluntarily quit and be prepared to present your documentation at a hearing.

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