Managers’ Tips for an Engaged Workforce

business-world-472556_1280All managers know that keeping employees engaged results in an increase in productivity, motivation, and retention, all of which affect the bottom line of the business.  But unfortunately managing people can be very difficult.  Employees are human, after all, and each have a unique set of personality traits and needs.  So how can you increase the level of engagement and also the morale of your employees?  Below are some helpful tips for managers to follow.

Say “Thank you!” – Whether it be verbally or in writing, let employees know that you appreciate the work they do.  This is something so simple to do, yet many managers neglect to communicate their appreciation.

Ask for help from employees – Asking employees to help with an important project will show them that you value the work they perform.  An important thing to note: after you have asked for help and delegated responsibilities, step back and let the employee perform on their own.  This demonstrates that you trust the employee to complete the task independently.

Ask what you can do to help – Many times employees are afraid to speak up if there is an issue in the workplace such as not having enough time or equipment to perform a job.  Let employees know that you want to make sure they have the equipment and training available to succeed at their job.

Ask about an employee’s life outside of work – This doesn’t mean to pry into every detail of what your employees are doing once they’ve left the building.  Ask about an employee’s children or parents.  Find out what things your employees are interested in and follow up with them after important events.  Treat employees like individual people.

Find out what type of work employees like doing – If an employee loves to talk with customers but strongly dislikes filing, perhaps you can restructure jobs so that more employees are doing what they enjoy.  Although it’s nearly impossible for all employees to only do what they love, it helps job satisfaction when employees are relieved of some of the tasks that they don’t enjoy.

Make sure employees understand how their work affects the bottom line – Help them understand the big picture.  When an employee feels like their work is meaningful and they understand why they are performing the work, it makes them more motivated to do well.

Acknowledge employee accomplishments to your team – If an employee does an outstanding job on an assignment or you receive a letter from a customer complimenting an employee, share it with the rest of the team.  Being acknowledged for a job well done is a great motivator!

When a mistake is made, focus on correcting it in the future – Mistakes happen.  When they do, try to focus on how to avoid this mistake in the future and what processes can be put in place to reduce errors going forward.  It’s important for employees to know when a mistake has been made, but also provide suggestions for improvement rather than just focusing on the prior error.  The past can’t be changed – so try not to dwell on it.

One thought on “Managers’ Tips for an Engaged Workforce

  1. […] You should provide managers at all levels of the organization with training to help them identify the signs of a disengaged employee and provide them with guidance on steps to take to improve employee engagement in all areas of the company.  For more suggestions on getting managers on board with improving engagement, check out this post previously published on Enlightened Employer. […]



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