EEOC Guidance When Employees or Job Applicants Have Cancer

cancer-389921_1280Basic human compassion and general understanding of the treatment situation of employees with cancer with guide you most of the way to dealing with the situation appropriately.  Yet the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) wants to be sure employers treat cancer patients in a manner consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Of course, cancer patients are not a uniform block.  For some, treatment soon after a diagnosis will render them unable to work as productively as they normally would — or at all — for a period of time.  Others will just keep chugging along as if nothing happened.

One of the biggest impediments cancer patients face is prejudice and mythology from people, including employers.  For that reason, the EEOC has laid out guidance for employers when dealing with job applicants, as well as employees.

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Must an Employer Pay Employees Serving Jury and/or Witness Duty?

gavel-568417_1280The Fair Labor Standards Act does not require employers to pay for time off to fulfill jury duty, though some states do mandate that this time be paid.  In most cases, it is a matter of agreement reached between employers and employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 87 percent of employers surveyed say they do offer paid leave for jury duty.

Because a lengthy period of jury duty can be so disruptive, some employers may apply pressure to keep employees from serving on a jury, encouraging them to somehow get out of it.  However, most states prohibit employers from firing or disciplining employees for jury service, and some states take this prohibition a step farther by making it illegal to discourage service.

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Handle Employee Outburts Safely

angry-man-274175_1280Your office door bursts open.  An employee bounds across the room, slams a fist against your desk and hotly protests another overtime assignment.  Here’s what you can do to defuse his or her anger.

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Salary Strategies: Every Dollar Counts

dollar-499481_1280Salaries are a tough expense for most businesses.  You want to hold them down but reining them in too tightly doesn’t always work well.  Good employees can often go elsewhere and replacing them can cost your company a bundle.

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