Lighten Up Your Workplace to Improve Employee Satisfaction

motivation-721825_1280Your employees spend at least one-third of their lives — give or take some holidays — in the workplace.  If the surroundings are grim, it’s not good for your bottom line.

So make an effort to help your staff members enjoy the space they work in.  Here are two readily available ingredients to help spice up the environment.

Add a dash of color…

Get rid of the sterile, beige office that begs for a personality transplant.  Give your staff more say in decorating and expressing themselves in their personal work spaces.  They shouldn’t be limited to the framed family picture and the dog.  Let their imaginations fly.

Don’t balk at the idea of deep blue walls in someone’s cubicle, reproductions of classical art in another, or a large collage of photos from someone else’s career.

Of course if the space is public, some restraint is necessary.  But even then, you can encourage staff members to bring in a plant, a vase of flowers or a small rock garden or a miniature fountain.

Allow whatever appeals to them and doesn’t conflict with the impression your company is trying to project.  As employees take ownership of their space they become more deeply involved with the company and with each other.

…And a bunch of laughter

Sprinkle a bit of fun around the place with a humor bulletin board set up in a common area like a break room, the locker room or cafeteria.  Let staff members tack up cartoons, jokes and anecdotes relating to work.  They should be allowed to poke fun at the company, the industry and management.

Don’t apply too many restrictions.  Simply remind people that if it’s off-limits in company correspondence, it’s off-limits on the humor board.  That would include pornographic images, explicit language and anything else that is in bad taste or would embarrass co-workers.

Laughter is so important to a healthy atmosphere that some corporations even hire humor consultants.  So make an effort to bring in a little fun.  Your company will enjoy an open, light-hearted workplace that diffuses stress, brings people together and makes them more productive in their jobs.  And you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.


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