Allowing Employees Time Off to Vote

Almost every state prohibits employers from firing or disciplining employees for taking time off to vote, but noelections-536656_1280t all require that the time off be paid.

In general, if the only way an employee can go to the polls is if the time is paid, employers must allow it.  State laws vary with respect to how much, if any, time must be given to employees to allow them to take leave for voting.  For more information about your state, click this link, provided by the National Federation of Business.

More than half of U.S. states mandate that employees must be allowed time off to vote if there isn’t sufficient time outside of working hours.  Some states do specify that the time off can be limited (two to three hours) and allow employers to control when staff members take off.  For example, the time may be limited to the beginning or end of shifts.

Make sure that the issue of voting is also spelled out clearly in your company handbook.  In advance of upcoming elections, post your company’s policy on common area billboards.


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