Motivate Employees with Ease

girls-407685_1280How’s the morale among your employees?  Are you getting their best work?  Would you like to boost their efforts and their morale?

Fact: What motivates people who work for you most is recognition.

Believe it or not! Studies show employees find recognition for a job well done more motivating than money.  Knowing that what you do is important and appreciated is the best reward.

Do you ever call an employee into your office — just to thank him or her for good work or special effort?  How about writing a personal note on an employee’s paycheck envelope?

Maybe you lack the time or creativity to devise appropriate rewards. “1001 Ways to Reward Employees” by Bob Nelson presents a variety of ways to say thank you.

Here are some tips from Nelson:

  1. Try to catch your employees doing something right, not wrong.  Then reward the behavior.  Encourage employees to repeat it.  Managers must serve as coaches.
  2. Simply asking for employee involvement is motivating.  Many employers offer rewards for employee suggestions and ideas.
  3. Giving rewards and recognition provides a law-cost way of encouraging employees.  Some examples:
    • Give your employee a two-hour lunch — or better yet, a three-day weekend.
    • Do your employee’s least desirable task for a day.
    • Use employees in your ads or commercials.
    • Establish a place to display photos, memos or posters recognizing employee achievements.
    • Buy your employee a subscription to a journal, magazine or newsletter or pay that person’s dues to a professional organization.
    • When you hear a positive remark about an employee (from a customer or another employee, for example) repeat it to that person as soon as possible.  Seek the employee out, if necessary.

More Easy Reward Ideas:

  • Greet employees by name when you pass their desks or pass them in the hall.
  • Call an employee into your office just to thank him or her.  Don’t discuss anything else.
  • Write five or more Post-it notes thanking an employee for a job well done and hide them among the work on his or her desk.
  • Ask a friend of the employee to suggest a gift or activity the employee might enjoy.
  • Ask an employee to help you with a project that provides a real challenge.


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