Protect Yourself from Computer Theft

keyboard-628703_1280Q. I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about computer theft and crime. Any special advice on firing a person who works with our computer?

A. The reason is simple: A disgruntled computer programmer or operator can screw up and/or destroy all your programs and data before leaving your workplace. In one case, an employer gave an employee in the computer department two weeks notice. In those two weeks the employee destroyed all the company’s records. The firm went bankrupt. Strategy: When terminating an employee who has access to your computer records, have a brief termination meeting with the employee. Go with the employee to the assigned work area so he or she can pick up personal belongings. Don’t allow the employee to touch the computer. Escort the employee to the exit. Even consider paying that person separation pay if you must. It’s cheaper than replacing all your records.


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